True North

True NorthTRUE NORTH, the final volume in the Aurora Sky series, releases July 2016!

Aurora has spent the past year fighting for survival, freedom, and justice. Now she’s about to face the biggest battle of her life. Field agents are turning up dead and everyone is working to stop Jared before he starts a full-blown war between vampires and hunters.

Fane’s resolve and support has never been stronger. Aurora’s feelings for him are as constant as the North Star, but their future is teetering on thin ice.

Aurora will make the ultimate sacrifice to protect her family and friends. In order to persevere, she must accept who she is and embrace the cold.

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Cover Design Team: Claudia Lucia McKinney (Phatpuppy Art), Teresa Yeh (photographer), Gabriella (model), and Najla Qamber (typography).