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Happy End of the World

** Reserve your dystopian romance Bite Me Box before WWIII! Includes limited-edition Wolf Hollow paperback with bonus content: Wolf Hollow Shifters’ Guide to Surviving the Apocalypse. Promo code below. **

What’s inside:

* Three original paperback printings not available anywhere else that include brand-new bonus content from each author.

* Mouthwatering, gourmet tasty treats.

* A custom-printed interview booklet with behind-the-scenes stories from the authors. (I really dished out for this!)

* Swag from the authors.

* Custom self-care items.

* Customized high-end themed merchandise.

The special edition printing of Wolf Hollow will have a slightly different cover to match the updated eBook with a new, smoother, lighter bare back on the male model. At the back you will find A Wolf Hollow Shifters’ Guide to Surviving the Apocalypse with advice from various characters in their unique voices. Some of the advice had me cracking up (full-on laugh out loud, Cosmo staring at me like I’d finally lost my mind). The guide is practical, as well, with everything from wild medicinal herbs (Tabor), how to get drunk after the world ends (Jager), how to hunt (Wolfrik), find shelter (Aden), make a fire (Lacy), and lots of mindset advice to keep your sanity in check. (Don’t be the hysterical survivor everyone wants to slap.)

The box has a retail value of more than $100. Get everything mentioned above for only $55 and FREE shipping in the USA.

Save 10% off your first box using PROMO CODE: BMBSAVE10.

These boxes sell out every month. Make sure to reserve yours before WWIII!