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Cursed Kingdom

A kingdom divided. A curse that will forever change the lives of six sisters.

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Coming of Age / Romantic Fantasy / Slow Burn / Hate to Love / Action & Adventure / Strong Heroines

Winter Sisters kindle vella cover and tropes.


Far North is a kingdom without a king.

To secure his place as the realm’s new ruler, Lord Ambrose Ivers orchestrates the unions of his seven children, starting with his eldest daughter, Paulina.

Intuitive and intelligent, Paulina Ivers considers it a noble calling to marry her family’s ally across the border, Don Nadeem Romiq, a formidable commander in Westland.

But destiny takes a twisted turn when Paulina’s journey to her betrothed becomes entangled with the roguish Troy Landon. Despite their stark differences, sparks fly between them, igniting a forbidden passion that threatens to unravel the two kingdoms’ fragile alliance.

As rebellion brews at the borders and Paulina’s life hangs in the balance, she must navigate the treacherous waters of love, duty, and survival. Will she honor her engagement to Don Romiq, or follow her heart into the unknown, risking everything for love and the fate of her sisters?