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Aurora Sky Limited Edition (Duo 3)


LIMITED-EDITION two volumes in one book: Whiteout (vol. 5) and True North (vol. 6).

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LAST OF THE LIMITED-EDITION Kickstarter Special Package

Includes bonus content NOT available anywhere else or ever again, along with one of the last “Slay The Day” glitter stickers, Noel, and Valerie character cards.

  • DAWN OF THE UNDEAD: Go on a brand-new mini mission with Novel Harper in this exclusive Aurora Sky story.
  • RED SEA: Dante and Noel’s novella from The Monster Ball Anthology which was unpublished in 2021, republished and ONLY available in print at the back of this limited edition duo with cute little pie graphics for scene breaks.
  • SLAY THE DAY: Glitter sticker limited print run.
  • NOEL & VALERIE: Glossy, double-sided, collector cards.

If this item has sold out, you can place a backorder for the regular version of Duo 3 here. (Does not contain bonus content or book swag.)

  • Signed by Author
  • Winter Landscape and Northern Lights Chapter Design
  • Mountain and Winter Trees Scene Break Design
  • Story, Cover, and Interior Design Revamped in 2022
  • Cover and Interior by Qamber Designs
  • Two Full Books in One
  • Paperback or Hardback, Size 9 x 6


Book Edition

Paperback, Hardback


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