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A Message from Mel (Read AFTER Stolen Princess)

If you’ve read Stolen Princess, you know where Melarue is . . . But what has she been up to? Bellow is a little peek into her holiday travels. I think this is the longest letter she’s ever written. Aerith only receives postcards.

There is so much more whimsy and wacky coming up in False Queen (the conclusion to the Royal Conquest Duology releasing this March). I can’t wait for you to read it! I feel like a kid trying to keep a secret and it’s driving me crazy!

In the meantime, here’s Mel.

Dear Humans (and shifters?),

Earth is radical!

I’ve been on your planet for several weeks since leaving Faerie. (Earth is way better, by the way.) And I picked the best time to visit because, oh holly berries, I arrived just in time for the holidays. You really know how to make things festive with your trees, wreaths, and twinkling lights! I have it on good authority that the best kind of Christmas is a white Christmas so me and my companion left behind the sunny beaches of Australia for the snowy mountains of Alaska.

There are so many exciting countries to visit in the mortal realm. We weren’t sure how to organize our trip. First I thought maybe alphabetically, but it made more sense to travel geographically. Finally, we decided to go with whatever sounded good in the moment.

There’s a lot of winter fun to be had around here. Skating and sledding came up a time or two, but I’m a thrill seeker through and through so we’re hitting the slopes. I heard double black diamonds are the most difficult trails. Point me in the right direction—the tip top of the mountain, obviously. It makes sense that double diamonds are badass because two diamonds, better than one! What would be even cooler is if after completing the run with all your limbs in place you actually got awarded diamonds. I wouldn’t even have to hawk them. I’d just take them to a pawn shop. At least I managed to stuff my coat pockets full of jewels before leaving Dahlquist. Everyone was so busy with all their stupid drama that they didn’t notice me slipping inside their rooms. I lifted some particularly snazzy pieces from Sarfina. Don’t judge. You know she’s nasty. She probably didn’t even notice. She had heaps and heaps of jewelry piled inside of drawers and fancy boxes. (The boxes, unfortunately, did not fit in my pockets.) It was criminal really. Think of me as an elven version of your Robin Hood. I’ve made some beggars very happy in every country we’ve traveled through. I still remember the days of scraping by. And ‘tis the season.

My only complaint is that I want to meet more of the planet’s paranormal community but they seem to be pretty well hidden unless you happen to be in the know. We travel from one place to another so frequently that we never get a chance to immerse ourselves in the local community and ask around. The only otherworldly element I’ve managed to pick up on is outposts for communicating with other realms. Funny enough, it’s independent bookshops that have ties to the netherworlds. I have only to ask one of the clerks if they have a book called Harry Potter and the Outer Realms. They either know what I’m talking about or give me an odd look before locating a more senior staff member to deal with me. Nearly always I can find a clerk who will offer to place a hold and ask for my information. That’s when I hand over my pre-addressed postcard. Pretty nifty—as long as they really are getting to Pinemist.

I miss my sister Aerith, but I’m in no hurry to return to the elven realms. I have a long “to do” list to get through.

I hope you all realize what an amazing planet you live on and that you take care of it and each other. I hope that no matter what life throws your way, you never lose the merriment of being. Whether you’re spending this time with family, friends, or a warm, fuzzy blanket, I wish you a happy holiday.

Well, gotta run! I’ve got a snowboarding lesson to get to and a boy to kiss. (Not to mention, a round-eared human has a book to finish. I want more page time, woman! Pretty please with marshmallows on top.)

See you all in March.

And if you happen to be a jaguar shifter or a gargoyle, come find me. ?

Sweetberry hugs,

Melarue Heiress