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Date With A Vampire (Ep 3) The Vampire Lestat by Anne Rice

Welcome to Date With A Vampire, a fun Thursday feature every 1st and 3rd Thursday of the month. Here I make recommendations on vampire themed books and movies.

Bonjour, mes amis and welcome to another Date With A Vampire. May’s theme is: blondes have more fun!

I am pleased to introduce one of my new favorite vampires: Lestat. Keep reading and enter to win a date with this blonde Frenchie with fangs at the bottom of this post.

Full Name: Lestat De Lioncourt

The book: The Vampire Lestat: The Vampire Chronicles, Book 2 by Anne Rice

With Lestat, I learned the importance of first impressions . . . they’re not always right! I thought I despised the coldhearted scoundrel after Louis’s account of him in Interview With A Vampire.

But Louis is a LIAR! #LyingLouis


This isn’t the first time some moody, broody vampire misinterpreted his vivacious blonde counterpart.

Angel – Spike

Bill – Eric

And isn’t it funny how the brunette boys start out in all appearances the “responsible” ones, but become a psycho killer (Angelus) or unfaithful jackass (Bill) while Spike and Eric gave an actual damn about their superpowered honeys? Plus, they’re more fun. Way more fun!

Lestat likes to laugh. It annoys other vamps. Screw ‘em! You reach an age, or unage, when you stop giving a shit what other creatures of the night think. Vampirism was forced on Lestat, unlike Lying Louis, but you don’t see Lestat sulking in sewer tunnels, feeding off rats.

Lestat enjoys the finer things in life. Wine, music, fashion, art . . . the theatre!

Why not live unlife to the fullest?

What is it with vampires insisting upon misery, death, and despair?

Life is long. Live it up!


As a side note, Lestat’s BF is named Nicki. It’s a boy Nicki, but still. I got tingles listening to Simon Vance (aka: Lestat) say my name in the audiobook.

Audio is The Best way to enjoy Lestat. Vance kills it! He IS Lestat. And Anne Rice has such a way with words that I found myself continuously playing back passages, mouth hanging open in delight, as though hearing a haunting symphony made only of words. I was so blown away I knew I needed a paperback copy to follow along with and keep on my bookshelf . . . FOREVER. I immediately called all the local book shops until I found a paperback copy at Barnes & Noble, put it on hold, then rushed over to claim it.

The clerks kept insisting it wasn’t there and attempted unsuccessfully to send me away. I was seriously ready to leap over the counter and bite them until I spotted the book on the hold shelf, placed up-side-down, thus not being shelved with the “J’s”, but “D’s” because it appeared thus: DROFFEJ IKKIN

(Never mind biting, time to go REDRUM on their asses!)

Enter to win your own (hassle free) paperback copy HERE. Open internationally!

If you’re a “live unlife to the fullest” kind of critter, check out past dates: Viago, for hilarity in New Zealand; and Fred, the vampire accountant, who is way more interesting than he thinks!

Suggestions? Let me know by comment, tweet, or Facebook. I won’t bite. (Unless you’re withholding a book!)