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New Series: Winter Sisters

A kingdom divided. A curse that will forever change the lives of six sisters.

Only on Kindle Vella and Radish.

Winer Sisters cover on Radish and Kindle Vella

You may have noticed that I haven’t published a new book in forever. Going on two years this July–horrifying. :/

But there’s been lots of behind-the-scenes creation with new series I can’t wait for you to read. It’s been so long that I’ve got that queasy new student/new hire/about to go on stage feeling in the pit of my stomach.

So, I’m pulling the trigger and doing something I’ve never done before and releasing my new series WINTER SISTERS (CURSED KINGDOM) on Kindle Vella and Radish with weekly episodes. Season 1 is fully finished, meaning you don’t have to worry about gaps between episodes. My editor is working her way through so we can keep ahead of the weekly release schedule and give you a polished experience. But your input could still lead to changes in upcoming episodes/seasons. I have notes at the end of each where you can like and comment if you choose.

Winter Sisters kindle vella cover and tropes.

The Cursed Kingdom series has been one of my favorites to work on. It’s a blend of genres I absolutely love: historical, bodice rippers, fairy tale, and fantasy. I think of it as Pride and Prejudice meets Game of Thrones because there are six sisters to marry off, but instead of a good-natured Mr. Bennet father figure, they have a Napolean dictator type dad.

I love the family dynamics, courting and romance in Pride and Prejudice. I also love adventure, battles, beasts, and magic in series like Game of Thrones. Blending the two together is a world of fun.

Sisters and stabbings. LOL

And if you like dark and sexy villains, read Jasper’s bonus prologue chapter here.

I have him in mind for one of the sisters but he’ll have to redeem himself (big time!) first. You can help play matchmaker by reading the episodes and leaving comments at the end.

I hope to see you in the kingdom of Far North. Sharpen your blades!

xo, Nikki