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Spellcaster Wild Card LIMITED EDITION


Limited editions. Paperback duplex cover or deluxe hardback pre-order.

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*** If you would like your “Team Jacket” page of the paperback or hardback personalized, during checkout type name in the note field. ***


The first edition of the paperback is available now ONLY HERE for a limited time. Includes a duplex cover on the inside, “Team Jacket” personalized signing page, 6×9 monster-sized book, magical interior design by Nada at Qamber Designs, and a gorgeous gothic cover vibe by Naj Qamber. For a limited time includes a die-cut, copper foiled, coffin bookmark “I’ll Stop When I’m Dead.”


In the realm of books, size does matter! The price of this deluxe hardback reflects the sheer magnitude of its content OVER DOUBLE the size & length of most standard books, ensuring your investment is a gateway to an unforgettable (page-turning!) reading adventure and treasured collector’s edition.

  • Silver Foiled & Stamped Dust Jacket
  • Orange Foiled & Stamped Hard Case Cover
  • Black Page Edges with Wicked Orange Stencil Design (Top, Side, and Bottom)
  • Full-color Endpapers with Anime Character Art & Design
  • Magical Interior Design
  • Signed by Author
  • “Team Jacket” Personalization Page
  • Monster-sized 6×9, 185,000 words, Nearly 600 Pages!
  • Foiled “I’ll Stop When I’m Dead” Die-cut Coffin Bookmark
  • Bonus eBook Edition (delivered via email link once hardbacks arrive so you can read a digital version and keep your collector’s copy pristine)
  • Limited Print Run Collector’s Edition

The deluxe limited-edition hardback is a preorder. Deluxe hardbacks are expected to arrive from the printer Summer 2024. Reserve yours today while supplies last. This is a limited print run!


Winning the show means living forever. It is the golden ticket to fame, fortune, and a place among the vampire elite.

Being remade isn’t on my wish list. I like being me, and with nearly a million online followers, it’s working. My parents and big sister are the do-gooders in our family who want to make the world a fair and just place for all humans and paranormal creatures. I just want to finish high school and keep doing what I do best—sharing hair and beauty tips while discussing Spellcaster and how the show’s vampire judge Malachi Rayne is the hottest male on the planet.

Then, life as I know it ends. There are evil forces who will stop at nothing to maintain world dominance—indefinitely.

It’s hard to care when I’ve become dead inside and out.

After my family is violently attacked, the host of Spellcaster insists I audition for Season 13. For the first time in the show’s history, they want to represent every species of paranormals. That’s me now. Not human. Not vampire. Not the class of creature anyone EVER cheers for.

This season’s prize is power beyond anyone’s imagination. It is the kind of reward that contestants and their sponsors would kill to possess.

Let the other contestants and judges underestimate me. They can gossip all they want about the hotshot wizard and the intimidating werewolf behaving as though I’m another prize to be won. And if Coach Malachi can’t handle a bold influencer with abilities, then he can suck it. I preferred watching him from the other side of the screen. He’s about to discover that Haylee Hutchins is a force to be reckoned with. The whole world will.

Someone thought they could silence my family for good. Instead, they created a monster. I’m still here, and I am much harder to kill.

Book Edition

Paperback, Deluxe Hardback Pre-order