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10th Anniversary Aurora Sky Hardcover Duo

A duo to die for. 😉

It’s been 10 years since Aurora Sky first took up her dagger…and got to work on her infamous list of resolutions.

To celebrate this mighty milestone, I’ve created stunning special edition duos, including hardcovers with custom character portraits under the new cover jacket. These will be available at retailers sometime around fall 2023, but if you want the brand-new bonus content, you’d best head to Kickstarter by November 17th before these exclusive editions melt away.

Why Kickstarter?

Kickstarter is a fun platform for people to directly support the creator, get limited time exclusive editions, content, and rewards. But BEWARE…it’s also an addictive way to browse for books, discover new authors, and irresistible collector’s editions. Eeek! Me!