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Retirement Mega Sale

Parting is such sweet sorrow…

I have loved participating in the last six of the seven ONCE UPON fairytale retelling anthologies, but now it is time to say goodbye.

Don’t miss these fabulous collections. They unpublish THIS October 31, 2022. Gone to the graveyard never to return. Each multi-author collection is on a blowout sale of only $0.99 each in ebook. Get them all for just under $7. It’s like a bag filled with tasty treats without the calories.

Once Upon a BITE

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Look for my outlandish court drama in “Silvereyes and the Three Wolves” with werewolf reporter Justin Slinger for the Once Upon Times.

Once Upon a WISH

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Look for my story Thumbelina inspired story “Wallina” about a young woman who is adopted and then kidnapped by creatures and beings who want to marry her off. Wallina escapes only to find herself repeatedly trapped. Will she ever make it back home to the only mother she’s ever known, and the young man who touched her heart?

Once Upon a GHOST

Enter at Your Own Risk

Look for my Emperor’s New Clothes inspired story “The Ghost Queen.”

When the King of Gloria offers to richly reward anyone able to bring forth the most beautiful bride in all the kingdoms, two young necromancers set out to fool the king and all his citizens.

Once Upon a STAR

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(Look for my story “Echo” about a handsome young mechanic on a third-world planet who creates a cyborg who dreams of becoming a real woman. I can’t wait for you to meet Echo in my Pinocchio inspired sci-fi story.)

Once Upon a QUEST

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(Look for my story “Blow Your House Down”, a Wolf Hollow Shifters world story about how Tabor’s and Elsie’s father, Lazarus, ended up on the mountain at Balmar Heights with his coven after the fall of civilization.)

Once Upon a KISS

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(Look for my story “The Toad Prince” about a depraved prince “shopping” for a bride among six sisters in the kingdom of Far North.)

Once Upon a CURSE

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(I missed participating in the first one, but you who doesn’t love curses?)