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Animal Attraction (Wolf Hollow Shifters #5) Cover Reveal

It’s shirts off time in Wolf Hollow!! Here’s another beauty designed by Najla Qamber. (See the full cover below my babble.) I’m over the moon with cover love! ??

If you read MOON CURSED (WHS#4), you got the “Tail End” tease about Rafael and Hailey at the end of the book.

Here’s a fun fact: Bridgerton (the addictive Netflix series based on the book by Julia Quinn) served not only as a swoony binge-watch-a-thon, but as creative inspiration.

Rafael has no interest in ever claiming a mate or having children, as he makes clear in MOON CURSED. Then along comes Hailey from Glenn Meadows. She’s beautiful, poised, witty, and comes from the very best stock – a pureblood. (High society among post-apocalyptic wolves.) ?

Despite their attraction and blossoming friendship, Rafael stubbornly refuses to claim Hailey. She, in turn, comes to realize that he would rather be miserable and alone than happy with her.

What I wanted to know was WHY??!!

A light bulb went off in my head while watching the character of Simon Basset battle emotional scars left behind by his father.

I’m fascinated with the way childhood trauma effects development and later choices. Rafael’s is different than Simon’s. This wolf shifter’s motives aren’t driven by revenge, but the fear of history repeating itself. It’s the kind of thing that will make you want to strangle the sense into him, and it’s also heartbreaking as life so often is.

In the end, this is Wolf Hollow where the couples follow their hearts against all odds and love conquers all! (HEA high-five!) ?

I can’t wait for you to return to the hollow and spend time in the fresh air with the pack.

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xo, Nikki