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The wait between Wolf Hollow books is over! If you’re feeling a bit rusty about hollow happenings, you’re in good company. Hailey (from Glenn Meadows) finds herself surrounded by unfamiliar faces when her pack’s soothsayer sends her to Wolf Hollow to meet the sexy, pureblooded, Latino brothers Rafael and Diego.

? Oh so SWEET & SPICY. ?️ Like a piñata, there’s a wonderful goodie waiting for you inside the pages of ANIMAL ATTRACTION.

Things got a bit wild in this book – especially at the end. I found myself with new characters (outside the hollow) whose love story was just beginning.

I spent a month and a half working on PRIMAL BONDS, a nearly 30,000-words bonus novella only available through a secret link at the back of ANIMAL ATTRACTION. This is an exclusive perk for purchasing book five.

Both the novel and novella are steaming hot tales of multicultural couples. I went through an avalanche of emotions uncovering their past lives and courage to love and trust with their whole hearts. I’m overflowing with excitement to welcome you back to the world of Wolf Hollow!

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Reading Order:

  1. Wolf Hollow (book 1 is now FREE)
  2. Mating Games
  3. Born Wild
  4. Moon Cursed
  5. Animal Attraction (NEW release)
  6. Primal Bonds (free novella with purchase of Animal Attraction)
  7. Bear Claimed (currently writing)
  8. Forever Free (TBA)
  9. Tales from the Hollow and Beyond (possible book of WHS stories & novellas if there is enough interest)