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Bears Everywhere

The natural world is a place of great beauty, serenity, and discovery. I have been so fortunate to live in scenic places: from my home state of Alaska, sunny California, the high desert of Central Oregon, the San Juan Islands off Washington State, and Bellingham, WA, to my new hometown of Hendersonville, North Carolina.

Meadow by Shayna Landreth

The Blue Ridge Mountains provided a beautiful backdrop as I finished the Wolf Hollow Shifters series. It’s been an epic (and exhausting) journey from coast to coast. All of the moves and upheaval over the last five years slowed my book release schedule tremendously. But now I’ve crossed the wilderness and completed the series.

In this post, I want to share some of Hendersonville’s 2021 Bearfootin’ Bears.

Buttercup Kisses by Linda Allen
Homer by Shayna Landreth

These playful sculptures take up residence along downtown Main Street from summer until they are auctioned off in the fall to benefit local non-profits and Downtown Hendersonville.

Centennial and Kiwi by Abigail Buckman
Bearer of Light by Jennifer Camp
Shoot for the Stars by Patricia Sweet
Hey, look. It’s Uranus! 😉

They change every year, so I will share the new batch of bears next season!

Home Sweet Home: Mama Bear and Patch by Heidi Mayfield

If you want to know which bear is my favorite, you can find out in the Author’s Note at the back of Bear Claimed.

Before you go, remember this sage Advice from a Bear:

  • Live Large
  • Climb Beyond Your Limitations
  • When Life Gets Hairy, Grin and Bear It
  • Eat Well
  • Live With the Seasons
  • Take a Good Long Nap!
  • Look After Your Honey!

Bear Claimed is Now Available

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Love made her crazy. A reckless act of passion sealed her fate.

There is only so much rejection a woman can take. Taryn is losing patience with her brother’s best friend. He said he’d claim her. Then grief made him ask for more time. She gave him time. And more time.

When the cur falls for another female in the pack, Taryn isn’t heartbroken–she’s furious. Livid enough to seek out the rugged bear shifter who has been skulking around Wolf Hollow’s borders.

He was duped once before. Brutus isn’t letting the next female get away so easily.

The wizards stole his ancestors’ mountain community then tricked him out of a mate. He and his brothers are going to make the Wolf Hollow shifters sorry for the part they played.

When a spirited female wolf throws herself, literally, into his arms, Brutus is forced to choose between the feisty beauty he wishes to claim and his duty to avenge his family against the wizards and wolves.

Can a wolf and a bear become true mates?

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