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Bonus Recipes On All Pre-Orders of False Queen

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Aerith and Jhaeros return March 26th in FALSE QUEEN. You will never guess what happens next!

Readers said that book one made them hungry with all the goodies Aerith baked so I’ve included six of my favorite Royal Conquest bakes and one thirst quencher. These will be included at the end of False Queen ONLY on pre-orders. Price goes up a dollar after release day.

Bonus Recipes:

  • Sweetberry Jewel Cookies
  • Aerith’s Acorn and Squirrel Sugar Cookies
  • Hello, Pumpkin Cookies
  • Aerith’s Celebration Cupcakes
  • Mel’s Let’s Kick Butt Balls
  • Market Day Sugared Buns
  • Lavender Faerie Lemonade

Save a buck and make it sweet. Pre-order before the book goes sugar free!

Amazon US | Amazon Universal | Goodreads