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The FINAL Wolf Hollow Shifters Book is Available for Pre-Order

Releases 7 – 7 – 2022

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(*I made a change to my W-9 with Barnes & Noble weeks ago. They say to expect delays in processing due to volume. In the meantime, they are unable to publish new titles from me. Thank you for your patience.)

When all paths to escape lead straight off a cliff…

No place is safe for a woman in a fallen world, and no one knows that better than Sparrow.

The wolf shifters used her as bait that landed her in a coma. Now that she is awake, the wizards want to use her to breed.

The wolves aren’t finished with Sparrow yet. They need her help sneaking into the city to free the wolf shifters imprisoned by her brother’s men. Despite the danger, Sparrow is determined to free the wolves left behind.

Wolf Hollow’s only werewolf never intended to claim a mate until a human woke something primal inside his heart.

As the pack’s biggest, strongest, and only werewolf, Aden understands why the elders want him to remain single and protect their territory. Loyalty to his pack has always come first, until a spirited young woman stumbled in from the city and wreaked havoc on his heart.

Sparrow is awake, but the infuriating woman is pretending she has amnesia when it comes to their passionate past. She submitted to him before. Aden doesn’t mess around. The human is his to claim. When it comes to Sparrow, no distance is too far, no obstacle too great, and he will do anything for her even at the risk of all he holds dear.

Friends and foes come together to face off in the final installment of the Wolf Hollow Shifters series.

Do not miss the exciting conclusion, and longest WHS book yet!

July 7, 2022 Release