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Holiday Flash Book Sale

Sale ended. You can still sign up for a FREE download of Holiday Crown below.

Spend a luxurious holiday season with the Royal Conquest Heirs in Castles, Estate Homes, and Ocean Front Condos. No need to book a ticket, put on a mask, gloves or hat. Simply pour yourself a cup of something warm or bubbly and kick up your legs.

The heirs’ books are shorter steamy, romantic fantasies that can be read as standalones complete and on their own.

>>> If you haven’t started the Royal Conquest Saga, book 1 (Stolen Princess) is currently free. <<<

Holiday Crown Cover

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It’s all fun and fa-la-las at the castle—until the holidays turn into a deadly game of hide-and-seek.

While some of the family is getting naughty, others are hunting down an escaped prisoner who isn’t playing nice.

This holiday you’re invited to come deck the halls of Dahlquist.

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The Golden Prince Cover

Never cross a Fae prince. And for Sky’s sake, don’t fall in love with one determined to ruin you.

M/M steamy romance. Can be read on its own as a complete standalone.

Half-elf. Half-Fae. For most of Lark’s life, the illustrious citizens of Dahlquist scorned him for being a halfling prince born into an unconventional family. The gentry would sooner sneer than curtsy . . . Until he showed them what he was capable of. Now they fawn and clamor for his favor. But he will never forget past cruelties. He will make them regret every insult. At the top of his list is Crispin Maglen, Earl of Ashcraw.

He’ll always be at the top. But there’s no taking him down. Not unless Lark falls with him.

It’s all getting a bit out of control. Family is squabbling over Lark, females flinging themselves into his arms, assassins and kidnappers trying to take him down . . . And don’t get him started on the monster in the forest.

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The Dark Pretender Cover

*This book is best enjoyed after reading HOLIDAY CROWN. M/F steamy romance.

Betrayal is a heavy price to pay for a kingdom, especially when you lose the crown. But no loss is greater than love.

Life as an exiled prince in Frostweather is as bleak as the frozen landscape surrounding my prison. There’s a price on my head in Faerie. My only escape is portaling to the elven realm to attend the parties of high elves. They welcome my twin sister and me as their esteemed guests.

When my ex, the love of my life and the female I betrayed, turns up at the same house party at Amberhill, I know I need to leave. Our star burned out years ago. Yet seeing her, I feel it flare immediately back to life.

It’s pointless. She hates me. She’s moved on. Or has she?

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M/F/M steamy romance. Can be read on its own as a complete standalone.

Taking the hero’s road is a hard one, especially when a prince’s first duty should always be to his future princess.

Reed and I have loved Zelie for years, but the age gap—and her stupid boyfriend Ren—made anything other than friendship appear impossible. When Ren screws up, my brother and I are ready to make a move.

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M/F steamy romance. Can be read on its own as a complete standalone.

Never underestimate a Fae princess in pink.

It started out as a dare. Get the name and number of the cute guy at the club. I don’t back down from dares . . . and I definitely don’t cower for vampires.

Turns out cute guy is undead guy with terrible taste in she-vamps. The vixen tries to steal his clan’s magic cup, excuse me, I mean Eternal Chalice. But I intervene.

Instead of a thank you, the guy’s imposing older brother attempts to compel me into forgetting everything that went down. I don’t think so. Guess they’ve never met an elf-Fae before.

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Bonus Holiday Sale Book

*Recommended reading after the Spellbound Trilogy. Book 1 (Entangled) is currently free.

M/F YA/New Adult urban fantasy romance.

Every day is a gift worth celebrating—especially when you’ve died not once, but twice.

Holiday Magic is a special edition Spellbound story about love, forgiveness and second chances.

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