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On The Set of Wolf Hollow

For Earth Day, I wanted to share some scene location scouting I did for Wolf Hollow at the beginning of the year. My family was out for a hike at beautiful Obstruction Pass State Park on Orcas Island.
After following a hidden side trail, I felt like I’d stepped directly into the hollow. It looked like the perfect place for the communal gatherings (the glade) and the den.
I could picture one of the shifters hiding behind that big network of roots and earth on the upended tree in the photo below. (Listening in or waiting to pounce!)

As I mentioned in last week’s newsletter, once Three Kings (the final Royal Conquest book) is finished, I will be clawing my way back to the pack!

Happy Earth Day! Take a walk in the woods if you can. Run free! Don’t ever let life kill your spirit. Our time here is precious and there are hidden wonders all around us. ?? ?