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And then there were three…

At the beginning of the year, I planned to be well into writing Elsie’s story in Moon Cursed, Wolf Hollow Shifters #4.

What’s really happening: I’m working on Three Kings, Royal Conquest Saga #3 (final book)! ???

Thank you for your patience, wolf pack. ??

What was supposed to be a fun follow-up to my novella (Enemies & Lovers) in The Monster Ball Anthology turned into a friggin’ S A G A ! !

It’s so awesome, though. This world brings heaps of laughter to my lips and energy to my writing. It’s like a concentrated shot of sweetberry juice that’s got me all wired.

After I finish, Wolf Hollow Shifters is next. ? ?

? And FYI, if you have not experienced the Royal Conquest “roller coaster of fun” (as readers are calling it), you can begin the saga FREE by downloading a sample of The Monster Ball Anthology on Amazon. My RCS novella, Enemies & Lovers, is the first story in the anthology and appears in its entirety in your free sample.?