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While The Forever Princess is technically the final book in the Royal Conquest Saga (book 8), this book stands complete on its own. So, if sexy, brooding vampires are your thing, I invite you to read the last book first… or on its own… or whatever mix-and-match kind of bibliophile best represents you.

It started out as a dare…

Get the name and number of the cute guy at the club. I don’t back down from dares, and I definitely don’t cower for vampires.

Turns out cute guy is Undead guy…

with terrible taste in she vamps. The vixen tries to steal the clan’s magic cup, excuse me. I mean Eternal Chalice. But I intervene.

These boys got bite.

Instead of a thank you, the guy’s imposing older brother attempts to compel me into forgetting everything that went down. I don’t think so. Guess they’ve never met an elf-Fae before. Fabian is the no nonsense, commanding head of his clan. Fine suits and no humor, but that’s about to change.

A rival clan is after the chalice…

and now they want me, too. Turns out my elven-Fae blood is like an aphrodisiac to them. But I got the drop on them once before, I can do it again.

Never Underestimate a Fae Princess in Pink.

My newfound friends need me more than they realize. Mr. Moody Broody definitely needs more sparkle in his life. Me? I should really keep away from crazed bloodsuckers who want to drain me dry. But I’m finding it difficult to stay away from vampires altogether. Fabian and I are turning into a classic case of opposites attract.

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