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Wolf Hollow News!

Born Wild (Wolf Hollow Shifters #3) has a stunning cover that will be revealed next week on April 11. There will be excerpts and pre-order links at that time — with $1 off pre-ordering!

Releases June 27th

The book has been through developmental edits and goes to my copy editor at the end of April. After spending most of March ill and having to cancel a trip we’ve been trying to take for over 15 years, I threw myself into rewrites to distract myself from the pit of despair that seemed to open up beneath me. These past couple years have been rough on many levels (as I know they have for so many others). And when we tried to take a break from it all, we ended up with the flu instead.

Wolfrik has been good company during this time of trial. Having spent three years in captivity — and having to fight for humans’ amusement in a literal dark pit — he and I formed a deep bond . . . And now I’m impatient for everyone else to be a part of his journey. June 27th! ?

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What’s Next?

Today I get to step (? or hopefully hit the ground running ?) into Elsie’s story in book 4, Lady Wolf.

In Born Wild (June 27th ?!) you will learn that Elsie has been cursed and that her time is running out to save herself from a terrible fate.

I am eager to get her book going because once you read Born Wild (June 27th!) I’m pretty sure you’ll want to know WHAT HAPPENS NEXT?! ?

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In the meantime, take good care and may you run forever free!