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The Dark Pretender

Pack your bags! You are invited to attend a week-long house party at Amberhill, a gorgeous manor in the elven city of Goldendale. Take a swim in the lake, a ride through the forest, play cards & sports, enjoy the food and drinks … but watch out for party crashers from Faerie!

The Dark Pretender is available NOW! Don’t miss Alok and Fraya’s enemies-to-lovers, second chance romance.

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Betrayal is a heavy price to pay for a kingdom, especially when you lose the crown. But no loss is greater than love.


Life as an exiled prince in Frostweather is as bleak as the frozen landscape surrounding my prison. There’s a price on my head in Faerie. My only escape is portaling to the elven realm to attend the parties of high elves. They welcome my twin sister and me as their esteemed guests.

When my ex, the love of my life and the female I betrayed, turns up at the same house party at Amberhill, I know I need to leave. Our star burned out years ago. Yet seeing her, I feel it flare immediately back to life.

It’s pointless. She hates me. She’s moved on. Or has she?


My glory days are over. No more tournaments. No more floral championship crowns. My life ended the day of the tragedy.

A year later, I’ve agreed to marry Helio Moongold. I can’t live with my parents forever, watching the sad glances they cast my way. At least Helio makes me laugh. But after I arrive for a house party at Amberhill, his true colors start to show, and they aren’t so golden.

Then Alok Elmray shows up. I want to hate him for what he did to me and my family. I’ve tried so hard to forget him, but I can’t. Not even a little.

Even if I can find it in my heart to forgive Alok, my family never will. If King Liri ever catches him, he’s as good as dead. And if I allow myself to love Alok again, I might lose my heart forever.

Amazon US | Amazon Universal | Goodreads