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The Ice Twins Cover Reveal

Of all the Royal Conquest Heirs novellas, this one made my editors laugh the most. ? Reed ? and Ronin ? Elmray are ready to chase away the pandemic blues … just watch out for snowballs – even in summer! ❄️

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Beautiful cover design by Najla Qamber.

Now available for pre-order in the Amazon Kindle store: US and INT.

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Taking the hero’s road is a hard one, especially when a prince’s first duty should always be to his future princess.


Reed and I have loved Zelie for years, but the age gap—and her stupid boyfriend Ren—made anything other than friendship appear impossible. When Ren screws up, my brother and I are ready to make a move. But which one of us gets the first kiss?


Life is sweetberries and cream, until my boyfriend dumps me only days before our class reunion ball. My parents are too busy worrying over their endless war on ogres to notice or care. Looks like I’m going to be single forever.

When Reed and Ronin Elmray start coming around, I attempt to laugh off their advances. But the troublesome twins aren’t playing around, and I’d have to be blind not to notice they’ve grown into attractive adult males. I know better than to fall for their flirtations, even if they’re experts at making me shiver in all the right places.


After years of pining after a female elf who treated me and my brother like pesky younger siblings, Zelie’s resistance is wavering. But the fun’s about to end. Ronin and I have a responsibility to use our elemental powers for more than snowball fights. Saving elves is a calling rife with danger and Zelie’s not one to sit around waiting forever.


Releases June 25 in Kindle Unlimited.

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