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The Golden Prince is Live!

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Can be read as a complete standalone on its own.

I am so excited to continue the Royal Conquest Saga with the second generation!

First up, Prince Lark makes his debut in The Golden Prince, the first of four Royal Conquest Heirs novellas (about half the size of a regular RCS novel). These are fast, fun reads perfect for a bit of cheer up, laughter, love, and OMGs!

Portal your way back to Dahlquist:

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Never cross a Fae prince. And for sky’s sake, don’t fall in love with one determined to ruin you.


Lark Elmray is a show-off and a shameless flirt. The highborn females don’t understand the game he’s playing, but I do.

Everything changed after he became the golden boy, protector of the crown and a powerful wielder of fire magic. Get too close and he’s likely to light a faerie on fire.

I made the mistake of mocking him as a child. Lark hasn’t forgotten. I can see it in the wicked gleam of his eyes every time he looks my way. But that’s not the worst of it. To admit the truth would burn me from the inside out before Lark ever conjured a single flame.


Half elf. Half Fae. For most of my life, the illustrious citizens of Dahlquist scorned me for being a halfling prince born into an unconventional family. The gentry would sooner sneer than curtsy . . . Until I showed them what I was capable of. Now they fawn and clamor for my favor. But I will never forget past cruelties. I will make them regret every insult to me and my family. At the top of my list is Crispin Maglen, Earl of Ashcraw.

He’ll always be at the top. But there’s no taking him down. Not unless I fall with him.

It’s all getting a bit out of control. I have family squabbling over me, females flinging themselves into my arms, assassins and kidnappers trying to take me down . . . And don’t get me started on the monster in the forest.

The Golden Prince is an enemies-to-lovers, slow burn, M/M romance filled with humor, adventure, steam, and magical creatures. Don’t miss the bloopers at the end of the book!

Complete, standalone novella. Can be read on its own. Second generation, Royal Conquest Saga heirs.